HP Antarctic Dome at Coachella

Coachella, one of the world’s biggest music and art festivals, returned in April 2022 after a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic. Also making a return was the landmark HP Antarctic Dome – a mobile geodesic dome – which premiered REGEN, an immersive 360-degree multisensory journey combining tech, art and music.

REGEN gained extra attention by being minted into a 1:1 NFT art piece which became the largest 1:1 Art Piece ever traded on the Solana chain. It amplified the hype surrounding the festival’s music, HP’s brand and its sustainability message to a worldwide audience. HP’s presence at Coachella was conceptualised, activated and operated by Infinity Marketing Team (IMT), a member of the Pico Group.



After the two-year break, HP’s goal was to not just return to the festival with a bang, but also with a purpose – ‘sustainability’. To echo this theme while demonstrating HP’s tech prowess, IMT capitalised on the 360-degree capability of the Antarctic Dome using HP visual art and audio equipment to bring to life a 3D multisensory story of regeneration and sustainability.

The storytelling continued with a digital interactive experience through which visitors discovered HP products interactively whilst creating their own REGEN-themed personal photo souvenir. To bring the immersive experience to audiences in and outside the Festival, IMT created a multi-channel campaign, including a NFT initiative to complement the physical spectacle.


Antarctic Waiting Area
Each point of contact in the Antarctic Dome experience was interactive and connected with HP’s product range. Prior to the Dome’s show, visitors entered a waiting area which offered information about REGEN artists, the NFT auction, the Creation Lab photo experience, and HP’s sustainability efforts and mission. Visitors could scan a QR code to be directed to a REGEN microsite with even more details.

REGEN 360-degree 3D multi-sensory journey
REGEN immersed audience members in a compelling journey of sustainability. The five-minute 360-degree film was created by IMT in collaboration with nine renowned digital artists and music duo ODESZA, and showcased a symbiosis of technology, music and art. Viewing the short film inside the geodesic projection dome fully immersed the audience in an emotional journey that mirrors the progress towards a sustainable future.

As visitors entered the Antarctic Dome, an HP and Intel logo lockup was displayed prominently overhead. As the experience came to a close, a call to action was displayed, iterating HP’s overall activation objective: ‘Join us in leaving the planet better than we found it’. The entire experience was managed through a behind-the-scenes Mission Control powered by an array of HP products.

REGEN 360-degree Experience Creation Lab
Another Dome highlight was the REGEN 360-degree Experience Creation Lab. Here, in a green screen room, visitors were captured by an array of 120 cameras to create a 360-degree gif. Visitors could then select a background scene from REGEN to complete their photo. The experience not only tied into the film and its messages, but also breached the virtual-real border. Finished photos were emailed to visitors along with additional information on REGEN and the brand.

HP Lounge
After experiencing REGEN, visitors progressed to the HP Lounge to relax as they viewed more HP products and memorable scenes from the film. An ‘Artist wall’ about REGEN’s nine digital artists and ODESZA offered insights to their own use of HP products.

The Record-Setting NFT Auction
Outside Coachella, REGEN was taken into the digital world when its entire content was made into a 1:1 NFT and sold on FTX US in April 2022, becoming the largest 1:1 art piece ever traded on the Solana blockchain. The entire proceeds were donated to the Arbor Day Foundation to demonstrate HP’s leadership in making a sustainable impact.


The entire HP Antarctic Dome experience was a successful multi-channel campaign, with impressions spanning the festival’s physical site, metaverse and social media.

  • Record-breaking total impressions: 12 billion
  • Antarctic Dome: 80,000+ visitors (about one-third of Coachella’s total 250,000 attendees)
  • Organic social posts across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook promoting the Antarctic Dome: 3.2 million+ impressions
  • REGEN 360-degree Experience Creation Lab: 9,000+ emails sent to visitors